Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads – pros and cons

Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads

Guest post By: Clifford Gibson – A Google Adwords specialist and part time mobile app developer

Let’s look once the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms:

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Content Marketing 5 Mistakes that you should absolutely avoid

Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is not a new buzzword and many companies already following this trend. But not every company manages ultimately to operate well, good content marketing. What mistakes you should avoid, we would like to explain here.

Mistake1: Lack of Strategy

Like any other marketing action, the content marketing begins with a plan and strategy. But we already seen there is many businesses fail in Content marketing. Good content marketing can only work if it is based both on the corporate goals as well as to the interests of the audience! Therefore, you should think carefully before the actual process of writing where the journey should go and what goals you want to achieve. Do not forget that your goals must be measurable, specific, terminable and natural realistic – because only then you can compare your current situation with the final state. Continue reading “Content Marketing 5 Mistakes that you should absolutely avoid”

5 Tips for Creating Killer Facebook Ads for Apps

As we have seen that many social networking platform, has mark their place in the advertising industry. But Facebook, still rule as monarch in term as of features, audience and competition. Facebook has used their money very nicely in marketing which help them to expand their business worldwide. This strategy has not been used effectively by other big brands and they had -just wasted their money. Hopefully, you are not one of them.

All it takes to understand that little knowledge which has used by Facebook in the advertising field, and what are the best practices.

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