SEO practice a proposition of priority-based search to one’s need

The priority principle of meaning in SEO

SEO is now a days a movement all over the world. It is difficult to boil SEO down to a single ‘bottom-line’ proposition, but if forced to do so I would say that its essence is the belief that things cannot be understood in isolation – they have to be seen in the context of the larger key word practices that optimize the search engine.

They are part of the practices hence the term search engine optimization. Internet was imported worldwide mainly in the current decades and attained widespread influence, and even notoriety, throughout the world.

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The structures in question here are those imposed by our way of perceiving the text and organizing experience rather than objective entities already existing in the external world.

It follows from this that priority given to a text is the kind of core or essence inside internet: rather, meaning is always organized on the basis of priority principle in SEO practices.

Meaning is always an attribute of internet practice, in the literal sense that meanings are attributed to the internet by the human mind, not contained within them.

But let’s try to be specific about what it might mean to think primarily in terms of SEO when considering in terms of a particular kind of text.

Imagine that we are confronted with a text of information technology, let’s say.

Our immediate reaction as SEO practitioner would probably be to insist that it can only be understood if we first have a clear notion of the genre which it presents.

Any single text is an example of a particular category, and the category and the example relate to each other rather as a phrase spoken in English relates to the English language as a structure with all its rules, its conventions, and so on.

In the case of information technology text, the relevant genre is the technology, a technological discipline dating from the current period in which the approach of the SEO must be targeted at representing the particular information of that category.

But the category, in turn, can only be understood with some notion of the concept of phrases, key words, meta description, feature image and, further, the Information technology discipline being a IT text, presupposes a knowledge of what is entailed in the conventionalized form of utterance known as information technology.

These are just some of the structures which SEO is part of. You will see that how your SEO based approach’ is actually taking you further and further away from the text, and into large and comparatively abstract questions of information, history, and philosophy, and closer and closer to it, as the modern internet and web tradition demands.

Two views:


  • Now if we use the crude analogy of text and search engine, we can regard the containing structures as the SEO, and the individual example as the text that we are searching.
  • For SEO, determining the precise nature of the text is the most important activity, while for the internet activity the close affirmation with the text is not important and paramount.

Thus, in buying affordable SEO packages, and website design packages to meet individual’s unique need and the demand the approach to web is a constant movement away from the interpretation of the traditional particular work and a parallel drive towards understanding the larger, practical structures which contain them.

These structures, as I suggested at the start of this section, are usually abstract, such as the notion of the literary or the information technology, or the nature of genre itself rather than ‘mere’ concrete specifics like the history of the text. Which, after all, we could quite easily find out about from conventional search engine.

Conclusion: The arrival of SEO on world scene in the countries caused a great deal of management as countries like America and England had traditionally had very little interest in large abstract issues of the kind traditional search engines wanted to raise.

The so-called ‘SEO revolution’ in studies in the present moment had promulgated the opposite to all this: it enjoined close study of the text in isolation from all wider structures and contexts: it was relentlessly ‘text-based’ and tended to exclude wider questions, abstract issues, and ideas. SEO in that sense turned studies on its head, and devalued all that it had held dear for around half a century, asking long-repressed questions.


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