5 Ways Augmented Reality Apps and Headsets Will Revolutionize the Industrial Enterprise

Augmented Reality Apps

Are you a businessman and looking forward to work smartly? Today, Augmented Reality holds a lot of opportunities for businesses of different industries like retail, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, etc.

However, various people feels that Augmented Reality is something like out of science fiction movie, but it is not true. AR is an advanced technology that has started to transform industries and the way companies work.

As compared to other technological advancement, Augmented Reality is well-known for creating many new ways of doing business as it offers entrepreneurs a new way to thoroughly improve their daily operations.

When it comes to talking about the commercial spending on this high-end technology, it is expected that AR will hit $7.4B by 2018 that is up from an estimated $895M in 2016. Firms that are forward in adopting technologies, are already looking for ways to implement this technology for their customers and employees.

With this advanced technology, companies can allow their employees to attain greater productivity in how products can be manufactured and serviced and how their teams can be trained and expanded worldwide.

Moreover, analysts are optimistic about the usefulness of this high-end technology especially when it comes to businesses looking for new ways to make their staff more productive. In this post, you can find five different ways Augmented Reality will transform the industrial Enterprise:

Remote Collaboration

Do you know that Augmented Reality has the power to completely change the way geographically distributed employees connect? If the company organizes any meeting or important discussion, remote workers often feel distracted from the other members of the meeting and they get detached.

With augmented reality, it would be like everyone is present in the room. They can easily discuss in group and can make the meeting more engaging for the remote workers and for those, who are physically present there. Even, you can boost the effectiveness of your collaborative efforts with things like eye contact and facial expressions.

This technology is like a blessing for the companies and organizations as it allows to do communication easily with both customers and employees for work functions.  AR has made it possible for us to make Internet becomes part of the fabric world that is around us as it will benefit businesses with a physical presence.

Apart from this, employees that are working remotely can run into such situations, where they need a hand of help from someone, so Augmented Reality glasses are considered a great choice as per the Gartner research director Brain Blau.

Employees and workers in the field can make use of AR glasses or smartphone with AR apps that can deliver them right information like instructions, guide and manuals. With the manual and instructions, they will know how to solve the particular task in the easiest way.


Now, Augmented Reality also promised that it will enhance the knowledge and data in the world of repairs, where even newbie people can fix difficult machines and problems. AR will demonstrate every single component part of the machine and show exactly what needs to be done to access and repair it.

Augmented Reality can overlay illustration step-by-step the process of repairing virtually anything. Moreover, AR also promising some of the practical apps like an engineer being able to checkout an overlay of a piece of machinery with repair information or sensor readings like temperature.

Improved Training Process

When it comes to give training to employees, Augmented Reality plays a biggest role as it has enhanced the entire training process, allowing trainees to play with an AR solution as many times as he wants until he grasp a complete concept or a procedure.

Augmented Reality apps have the power to make the training more elaborated as it is a lot easier to have someone to take a virtual car engine than actual. You can easily practice it again and again and make use of it in different educational situations, where you wanted to learn something new and improve skills.

Giving training to employees on regular basis help them improve their skills, knowledge and expand their capabilities. And when training is given through AR solution, it can benefit business in many ways.

Enhanced Customer Service

Augmented Reality has the power to make life a lot simpler for customer-facing staff, especially for those who are working in the retail industry. For instance, a salesman at clothing counter can make use of AR glasses to help customers checkout different clothes on them, so customers can see which suits them best. Likewise, customers can also checkout different make-up kits and get guidance on how to apply it. Even there are numerous examples of AR that being delivered to customers using tablets instead of head-mounted displays.

For example, IKEA’s digital transformation manager recently said in an interview that the company is working on its first AR application of its kind, which was going all-in one the technology. It will be the first augmented reality application, allowing you to make reliable purchasing decision.

New Ways of Working

Along with helping employees and workers of the company, Augmented Reality based applications and headsets can change the entire way we are working. Gartner’s research director Brian Blau gave one example of a loss adjustor from an insurance company that is examining a car, which is been in an accident.

He said that the AR headset or through AR application could feed video of the car back to a system, which recognizes the damage and estimate the total cost to fix it. Making use of device’s recognition capabilities, it will help insurance company or worker to know what happened. It would helpful for the worker to process the claim faster and more accurately.

Apart from this, AR-based apps also help doctors to understand patient’s health and their symptoms during examination. It will help them to understand their symptoms and treat them instantly with right treatment. One such application is EyeDecide that ease the difficult eye conditions and treatments in order to improve comprehension and retention.


So, these are the five ways Augmented Reality industrial applications and headsets can transform the industrial enterprise and help businesses to expand their business worldwide. They can connect with their customers directly and improve productivity of the employees.

AR is the future of the businesses as it has already impacting various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, construction, education, etc. Even various businesses have started developing their own apps to serve their customers better, so it would be a good option to go with Augmented Reality.

Author Bio –

12389.jpg Jyoti Bharwani is a Content Manager at Space-O Technologies. She has a keen interest in writing about the latest technologies like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, etc. and mobile apps development. In free time, she prefers reading non-fictional books.


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