10 Ways to Build Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Having a steady content marketing strategy is very important for business in the digital world because every penny that doesn’t hit the target is a penny lost and every time you hit the bull’s eye you create a stepping stone for yourself in the direction of success. Having a well thought out content marketing plan is the first step to online content marketing. You can use your digital content marketing to branch out and grow by finding a compatible partner or SEO service providers to share the content marketing strategy for B2B growth.

In order to build a strong content marketing strategy you need to make sure the content marketing plan is not haphazard. Especially of you have a content marketing strategy for B2B, you need to be extra professional so as to always have the upper hand in matters of decisions of service and profit.

The systematic ways of building a fruitful content marketing strategy

It all may seem very simple, and don’t worry, building an online marketing strategy is not rocket science. But you need to do the right things at the right time and that is the tricky part. Here are 10 ways in which you can ensure a good content marketing strategy for your business online and otherwise.

  1. Define the aim

This might seem obvious. You obviously have an aim in mind to be wanting to develop a marketing strategy around it. But you won’t believe how often a digital marketing strategy fails to convey the goals of the company. Your goal should be defined before you start developing the content marketing plan. Also, the content marketing strategy you choose should have some close relation with your aim so that your intentions are not vague, but crystal clear to potential takers. You can take the assistance of goal planning templates to keep yourself organized but it is best to make your own notes about it all.

  1. Determine the buyer persona

The persona research is simply getting to know more about your target audience. This too needs to be done along with the goal setting and not after, because they go hand in hand. The goal of your content marketing strategy may depend on the target audience as much as the audience you choose to target depends on the goal of the online marketing strategy itself. However, this is a step that continues being relevant throughout the life of the business. The buyer persona might change overtime and your business needs to adapt to these changes in order to thrive.

  1. Determine the content

Often people forget about the content of their website in the hullaballoo of the marketing strategy. This is weird apparently as the content should be the backbone of the entire content marketing strategy. But people do make the mistake of running after what they could get viral instead of focusing on what the target audience that has the potential of conversion, actually wants. Remember to focus on the target audience while determining the content. A thorough content audit should be the focus of every weekly content marketing plan analysis. Involve your people in it.

  1. Take time choosing the content management systems

You must have a content management system for the whole deal. Before you settle for one, try out all the top systems. It could be WordPress or HubSpot or anything you think suits the goal of the content marketing plan and customize it according to the tastes of the target audience. It is important that your online content marketing team is familiar with the system and  even better if your partner for content marketing strategy for B2B is also on the same system. Make sure you only hire a team that knows or can learn how to manage the system you opted for.

  1. Ensure effective CTA

A crucial step for a content marketing strategy is the call to action part. If you can keep your visitor hooked at the CTA stage, you get a lot closer to conversion success than you were just one click ago. Don’t keep the visitors hanging at this stage, give them something to look forward to. Give them something that they will have a reason to click.

  1. Visual content

Make the content visual. Not just lines after lines of text. Put the important text in a frame, use relevant images, attract people with some memes, walk the talk with some videos. This is how people will remember what you had to say even if they were hardly paying attention. Also, visual content is catchy and lowers bounce rate. This is an essential element of any content marketing strategy. Of course you know it. But it is not just about including visual content just for the sake of it. It is about putting forward the essential content in the visual form. The plain text takes a backseat.

  1. Go for miscellaneous content format

The same format of content makes the whole webpage or blog look boring. But you already know that. So, which formats should you focus on for a good content marketing strategy for B2B or individual success? Lists and ‘How-to’ guides are quite popular. You can imagine how readable a list is and how useful a guide post is. Apart from these, there is of course, the viral format. The GIF content format also spreads like wildfire over social media. However, for a fruitful content marketing plan, you need to target the right audience more than you need to go viral. Relevant topics in the GIF list or ‘How to’ format works best.

  1. Guest blogging

Having guest bloggers contribute makes your content marketing strategy shine. It makes your website superior to the rest. Of course, you need to choose relevant posts from appreciated guests. Otherwise it is all a vain desperate attempt.

  1. Follow the KPI

Measure the key performance indicators of your business and website before you set out with the content marketing campaign ideas. Though listed towards the end, this job shouldn’t be left for the end. Track the KPI before you set the goal for the content marketing strategy. Your digital content marketing strategy needs a goal and that goal is to get to a relevant campaign. Measure the traffic to choose the target audience initially. Measure the engagement to decide on areas that need focus once you start getting known. Measure the conversions to determine what is working for you. Keep modifying your content marketing plan according to the KPI.

  1. Promote your brand

Once you have done everything stated above, you need not feel ashamed to promote your content or brand on a whole. Use influencers, use social media snippets, share your content on large active forums. Just keep it relevant. Always remember, the target audience should be relevant.

If you follow these tips, and in the right order, your content marketing strategy is surely going to succeed. Don’t forget to add your creativity in your content marketing plan. Every online marketing strategy needs to follow certain rules. But every digital marketing strategy also needs its own flavours. So, don’t be afraid to customize. Following your instincts is good as long as they are in sync with the goal of your content marketing strategy for B2B or individual success.


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