5 Little Known Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing is Failing

Social media has been used by businesses to improve the following of their brand. They join multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others in order to market their products. However, not a lot of businesses can obtain the rewards of their social media marketing efforts. In a study conducted by Manta, about 60% of small businesses were not able to get a significant return on investment from their social media marketing. Here are the following reasons why these businesses fail.

You do not measure your performance

It is crucial that you have an accurate measure of the performance of your page.  After all, social media is all about some people you were able to reach out. This is why you should include in your strategy the review of your page performance. There should be certain metrics that you choose. You should be able to monitor some followers that you have gained for a certain time period. Different engagement to followers such as retweets, shares, comments, and likes, should also be measured.

You are not utilizing the appropriate platform for your business

Determining the right platform for your business is crucial. Companies often feel that they should focus their resources on Facebook and Twitter because these two have the most members. However, this may be not the right way to deciding which social media platform you should funnel all your resources. Identify the platform wherein your prospects are already a member. You could try to conduct research on the social media habit of your customers.

You rarely post new content

Posts are the ones that attract your consumers to your brand. It is a way for the readers to understand your product better. It is highly recommended that you release two to three contents per week.

It is also important that you curate your posts well. There should be a plan for your social media marketing on what types of photos, blog posts, testimonials from your customers, and others would be shared on your page. Make sure that you adjust once you notice that your strategy is not working. Furthermore, monitor the analytics of your posts. This would help you in deciding whether or not you need to tweak your plan.

You don’t have enough interaction with your followers

Social media allows you to be able to interact with your customers. It is the fastest way of being able to answer any concern they have regarding your product. Hence, it is vital that part of your strategy should be doing enough engagement per day. According to certain studies, around 42% of customers expect their queries to be answered within an hour.

You’re not allotting enough time on managing your account

Experts at Forbes highly recommends for social media manager to spend about 32 hours on their account. Businesses are not expected to be able to penetrate immediately multiple platforms. They could choose to prioritize one platform to dominate into. This way you will have difficulties in answering different queries across multiple platforms.

Since not all businesses could afford to hire a social media manager, you need to figure out first the specific platform that gives out the best results. According to Manta Research, small businesses only allot maximum 3 hours in checking their social accounts.

Getting results in social media is not instant. It takes a lot of work and at the same time careful strategy to optimize its purpose fully. Small businesses should be able to take time in understanding the different social media platforms.

Author Bio:

 Jessica Rousey understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can galvanize your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate BuyRealMarketing services.


19 thoughts on “5 Little Known Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing is Failing

  1. Hi, this was really enlightening, thank you. I just started managing social media for my company and the posts I’ve found on Buffer have been beyond helpful. The social media goals for my company are: to increase brand engagement and to drive traffic to our website. Again, thank you for the post.


  2. HI!
    it’s a great post,, i think you’ve already mention all about why social media was failing ,,as i had read in your post,,you have mention that one of the reason why it fails because you do not measure the performance,so i suggest , to make success what you gonna measure the performances ,,because the social media really helps in interacting people….
    thanks for reading!!!


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