Reasons why your app was rejected by Apple and how to deal with it

A quick search on Google about apps getting rejected on app store will garner a series of results with people asking the same question on every apple and developer forum – Why was my app rejected by Apple and What should I do now? If you too are one of those people or developers who received a rejection email from Apple saying it can’t post the app on the store, you have come to the right place.

While you can always contact the store representative asking for a justification for why your app was rejected, it is a slow process. So after contacting them through the resolution center, look at the following points that as all leading iPhone app development company knows, are known to influence the acceptance rate…

  1. Information was improper

An Apple study revealed that around 14 per cent of the apps that are rejected by Apple are due to incomplete or misleading information. So make a note, and make sure that you to filled in all the information that you thought may be needed for review and cross check it. Mention and describe all the features of your iPhone app. Declare the special procedures, if there, to install your iOS app.

  1. Had Bugs

Apple is famous for denying the applications that contains bugs or crashes. Now, almost all app have bugs, but with thorough testing you can solve most of it. Now chances are that you didn’t check the app before submitting it to Apple for review. So test your app again and see if you left any bug by chance.

  1. Had incorrect Meta description

Metadata consists of description, names, rankings, and ratings. You need to be extremely to the point about the words and description that you use for the appl. Maybe your description was something different from what your app was about, check it and ensure that it is relevant to the context of the application.

Not that anything that contains the name of other mobile apps will get rejected.

  1. Your User Interface was not proper

All apps submitted should abide by the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Before you contest the judgment, make sure your app followed the guidelines to the tee.

Apple loves simple, creative, refined, and well pondered upon interfaces. If your fell any short of it, make it fall into Apple’s standards and resend.

  1. Had third party payment systems

Apple makes it mandatory for all digital content to be sold only through its built-in iTunes-based in-app purchasing tool. This applies both to the one-time purchases as along with the digital subscriptions. If the app accepted other payment modes for the digital content, now you know why it was rejected.

While these are the top listed reasons, there are some others that have been observed that influence the acceptance rate in the App store, they are – Usage of the word Beta, Mention of any other platform in the description, Incorrect spelling of Apple product, and Icon similar to other icon in the store, long load time, and using music or videos that are unauthorized to be used in specific regions.

Whatever the reason maybe, what had to be done was done, now let’s see how to deal with it.

First Step

Study the Reason they have Cited

A click on ‘Resolution Center’ will give you a rejection code detailing what is wrong with the app and a probable solution to get it corrected.

Second Step

Part 1: If you are in line with the changes they want

Make the changes and send it for review again

Part 2: If it seems unfair

Contest a recheck, explain Apple why you think your app is ready for the store

Part 3: You are not sure if it is justified or not

Consult an experienced Iphone App Developer who knows the store’s functioning inside out and confirm.

Third Step

Take help of communities and forums

With over 2000 apps that are sent to Apple store every day, there are many that don’t see the morning sun and would have done their share of research. Take advantage of them by posting your queries on the groups.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the dream to give the world something new. Your app deserves a place, work for it.

Has your app ever being rejected? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio: Currently writing for ChromeInfotech, one of India’s leading mobile app development companies, Tripti has written on relationships, career, and real estate in her past. But now she is focusing on decoding the mobile world with Ed Sheeran playing on a record in the background.


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