How good is your website content layout?

If this isn’t a question that you have asked yourself then the chances are, your website is doing really well and you don’t need to review your current set up. If however, your website is not getting the results that you want it to, this should be an area that you are questioning. You may be surprised to find that content layout is one of the single most important factors in driving online conversions.

To be assured that your content layout is working to its potential, you should take a look at this handy infographic 25 features every online business must have in 2017. As well as listing the 25 most important features that you can’t afford to miss, it also details exactly where you need to position your content to get the best results.

So to go into a bit more detail, did you know that the best way to promote your services is through a slider or at least an image banner in the top section of your homepage? If you aren’t getting the basics right then you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. The infographic even provides advice on the best way to display your content, e.g. using video for testimonials generates better results than other formats.

Do you know what content to position above the fold? This is a term that means what the user can see without scrolling down the page. Have you remembered to include a privacy policy and a Captcha feature on your contact form? These are all the little reminders that you need to set your website up to perform to its best.

You don’t need to spend time moving content around because this infographic will show you exactly where it needs to go for optimum effect.



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