Crafting Viral-Worthy Social Media Content Swiveled Towards Deeper Engagement

Running a small business today is far more complex than before thanks to the explosion of the digital world. Consumers use the Internet for practically every aspect of their lives –– from researching and planning to purchasing and decision-making. Social media has transformed the way businesses interact with customers– paving a whole new path for two-way communication and deeper engagement.

With so much dependency on the Internet, it’s clear that small businesses need to take the next step and embrace social media as part of their marketing efforts to reach out to more customers. But while it sounds easy enough, small businesses need to evaluate what they want to go viral on social media –– for a direct positive impact on the way they do business.

Why Do You Want Your Posts To Go Viral?

Having content go viral is the biggest dream every online marketer shares across the globe. The idea of millions viewing content is exhilarating and can make a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Videos, blogs, pictures –– they all have the potential to explode into brilliant business propositions, just by getting people to click the ‘share’ button on social media. A viral post can double or triple your customer base within a span of a few days –– you heard right –– just a few days! So what can you possibly do to make your posts go viral?

The first thing to remember is that there is no ‘set’ formula. But viral posts aren’t as random as you think. In fact, there’s a lot more to viral posts than pure luck. Some of the best viral social media campaigns have been derived through careful consideration, brilliant execution and ingenious planning. If you’re looking to make your business more scalable, follow these fantastic tips to make the best things you want go viral on social media.

Ignite Passion With Your Target Audience

Every brand or business should know their specific target audience before undertaking any social media campaign. There’s no point of creating content without specifically demarcating your target audience and age group, so that you can tailor social media communication to hone in on them. For example, if you’re a real estate agency looking to target millennials to your apartments, there’s no point of discussing about nearby retirement entertainment centres, is there?

The idea here is to ignite a sense of passion when producing content for your target audience. When content creates an emotional connection and ignites passion, you’ll notice your target audience responding positively to your posts. Emotion and passion compel customers to act –– if the content strikes a chord with people, they will share it with others. Incorporating passionate visuals and words into your posts will boost their chances of going viral.

Benefit From User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC has soared in popularity for creating viral posts in recent years. The concept helps you rely on your audience to develop and share social media content for your business. It gives your target the opportunity to feel connected to your campaign, which can make it extremely interesting. UGC aims to go beyond mere sharing and seeks to develop deeper engagement with customers through greater interaction. For instance, you don’t have to Tweet photos from your business. You can get users to generate their own pictures through your campaign, while promoting it simultaneously. Once others start to see the excitement, they’ll likely want to get in on the action.

Be Intent With Your Timing –– It Matters Big!

Timing of your content has a big impact on its potential viral-ability. For instance, if your product or service tides in with a major sporting or entertainment event – you must know how to integrate the two in your viral campaign, so that you can craft your content to perfection. Using the right hash tags and images go hand-in-hand with humorous and entertaining content, so don’t forget to integrate all these strategies in your effort to go BIG with your content.

Stay On Product/Brand

One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make is that they forget to integrate their brand or product in their enthusiasm to create viral posts. Sure, you’ve got a humorous video and you’ve got a ton of likes. But if it has nothing to do with your brand or product, then chances are your sales remain stagnant –– and you’ve ended up spending a whole lot of money on marketing the video. Your content must resonate with your brand’s call to action when planning a viral social media post. Remember that one of the biggest elements that stand out in viral posts is a visual image; so use your product and brand wisely to etch them in the minds of your customers.

Remember that viral posts can happen by accident, but more often than not, they need meticulous planning. Let your small business win with these smart viral-worthy social media strategies.

Guest Author:  Author is a website design Calgary based consultant and Internet marketing specialist who works with businesses. He has years of experience in custom web design for small businesses and start-ups. He helps businesses exploit online marketing and incorporate different strategies that will improve their business. He is well versed with SEO tactics and will advise businesses on the best way to increase traffic to the websites.


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