How Medical Applications Are Characterized On iOS & Android Platforms?

Mobile application have started to penetrate most of the industries and sectors today. The two most important and preferred platforms for app development are the Android and iOS. Both the Android and iOS are constantly trying to perform better and offer more better services to the developers and users.

First, lets look at each of the devices individually

The Apple iPhone offers the Apple iTunes Store, which helps the users to interact with the developers. The Best iPhone App Developers here, have to work around on developing the app only for one place i.e. the iTunes Store.

If we talk about Android, then it is an open source OS system that runs on different mobile devices, of different brands and models. Android is more dynamic, but the Operating System (OS) is highly fragmented, hence, it is more complex in nature.

How Mobility Is Changing The Face Of Healthcare?

With the increase in the number of individuals suffering from serious health issues such as cardiac diseases, diabetes, stress, etc. This is resulting in the rise in demand for effective healthcare.

Here, the technology plays an important role. Technological innovations have created endless opportunities for the healthcare providers and the healthcare seekers. With the innovative technology, it has become easy to manage and provide better care to the patients. The medical service and the healthcare sector have also started receiving the benefits of the mobile innovations and the enterprise mobility is revolutionizing the way the healthcare sector works.

With feature-rich smartphones and mobile applications, patients can get the access to the best treatments. The mobility solutions have brought a change in the various stages of the healthcare. For example, with the mobile app, patients can receive effective emergency care, whenever and wherever they need. And the mobile app will also help them to stay connected with the emergency medical teams. The mobility solutions also provide patient monitoring and also helps to manage various task such as insurance claims, billing, discharge formalities, etc.

Android Vs Apple: Which OS To Consider For Healthcare Management?

The important point of difference between the Android and Apple is the User Interface (UI). Most of the developers and users prefer Apple. The biggest advantage of Apple is that it offers just one solution for all its devices. Moreover, developers does not face major compatibility issue, as they have to deal only with one platform.

The Android OS works on different devices and mobile phone brands, hence, it is little complicated for Android app developers to develop healthcare apps on the Android OS. The situation or the condition may also arise where the app can be incompatible with the mobile devices. On the positive side, Android works on different mobile devices, and hence, it offers a variety of features and enterprise solutions.

If we compare between Google Fit and Apple Healthkit. Google Fit is optimized for both the smartphones and the tablets, collecting health information from various wearable devices. You don’t need any additional apps if you install Google Fit on the smartphone. It uses the in-built sensors in Android device to detect the activities like walking, running, etc., and decides and track your goals

On the other hand, Apple Healthkit allows fitness and healthcare apps to work together and share the health data with the user. It works as a centralized hub for the overall health data. Moreover, the HealthKit data is not accessible from anywhere other than iOS devices.

Both the Android and iOS are excellent devices, with their own positive and negative points.

Top Challenges Facing Mobile Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has a lot of advantages of building medical and fitness apps, but on the other hand, there are various challenges faced by this industry. The main challenges in the healthcare industry in terms of mobile applications can be divided into two segments. The challenges faced by service providers and the challenges faced by the patients in need of healthcare.

Security Issues :-

Health information is very vital and includes sensitive data. With the rise in cyber attacks, security of the information has become a major concern for the health industry.

The health or medical apps contain the vital information about the patient, including medical reports, diagnosis and treatments. This information can be shared with the third party and can hamper the privacy of the patient’s personal and health information. Moreover, the apps that control patient’s medication and dosage should have an extra layer of security.

The mobile devices or the apps handling such a sensitive data must be protected and the apps must include safety and security feature for the information of the patients. The healthcare data and health information exchanges should be carried seamlessly between the healthcare providers and patients.

Complex Mobile App :-

The security will always be the concern for the mobile app developers and designers. But providing easy-to-use interface is something very important in the case of the healthcare apps. Device and apps that are difficult or complex to use may affect the work of doctors and other staff members and cause a delay in the treatment or information sharing. Hence, the iPhone and Android app developers should develop the apps with a good user interface, offering the better user experience and smooth functioning of the various activities carried out using an app.

Health Literacy Issue :-

The doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers are well aware of the terminologies and have an understanding of medical and health related data. But there is no guarantee that even the patients are well aware of the medical terms and other information.  Here, the app should be built in such a manner that it minimizes this gap and help patients to enhance their knowledge about the various conditions, symptoms, treatments, etc. This will help to increase knowledge of the individual regarding healthcare.

Quality Of The Information :-

Different apps provide different solutions for various medical conditions. The accuracy of the data is the biggest condition here. Before or during app development the developers needs to make sure that the quality of information provided to the end-users is accurate and recommend and educate the patient in a right direction. The application should be first given to a healthcare provider to evaluate the quality of the data provided in it.

Here are few strategies to attract patient to use your healthcare and fitness app:

  • The app should provide educational information.
  • It should provide reminders and should alert users of upcoming appointments, dosage, etc.
  • The app should record and track health information of the user.
  • It should display health information as and when needed.
  • The app should also guide the patient or provide information based on the data entered in an app.
  • Patient or individual should be able to communicate with the healthcare providers like doctors.
  • Providing rewards for the behavior changes to the patients.

In a nutshell, mobility solutions play an important in connecting the healthcare providers and offering the best treatments to patients. Many Android and Best iPhone App Developers are working towards making better apps that fulfill all the requirements. The mobile apps make it easier for doctors and practitioners to provide the treatment and for the patient to receive proper treatment. The mobile app development and mobility solutions is not just a trend in the health care but emerged as a necessity.

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Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading android development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.


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