Content Marketing 5 trends that will shape 2017

Content Marketing

Content marketing was not only important in past years; it also plays a crucial role again in 2016. What trends to be missed in the new year is no issue, we will show you in this post.

Trend 1: Focus on quality and let SEO wisdom sidelined:

Only if you produce unique and quality content, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. It should for you so do not be specific, cover as many topics, but just the right. You should be focus on few but high quality content. Do not rely on SEO wisdom, because not only users, but also search engines prefer quality texts that deal with a specific topic and to describe them with matching terms.

Trend 2: Use Facebook and publish on Another Social Media platform:

Social networks send their users on your side represents foreign content a certain threat to them is for this reason that Facebook with its latest innovation, the Instant Articles.

With Instant Articles you can mashups of text, video, photos and maps, and produce more. Still Instant Articles in the beta phase, but soon you too can thus operate content marketing.

Trend 3: Content Marketing Algorithms and Robots Journalism:

The Web is full with the mass of information and more confusing information. So content marketing algorithms are developed and improved, this capture easier, easier and can deliver a good information to users.

By improving content marketing algorithms, including the robot journalism is always sovereign. These are articles that are written by robots. Although they only handle simple subjects, but both the style and the information links are always better.

Trend 4: Focus on ” Mobile First”:

Still Content Marketing is increasingly designed for desktop users, but the goal in 2016 should be for you to align your content strategy on mobile user behavior. For that you need in-depth knowledge about how your users behave in the use of smartphones, tablets. And what they expect in a specific situation of your content.

Trend 5: Content is still visual – Snapchat and Instagram:

Visual content is extremely successful and not just because of the time savings. If your target audience is young – rely on Instagram and Snapchat it is one of the best way to target your potential users.

About The Author: Clifford Gibson is a Mobile App Developer in Los Angeles and Content writer. He loves to write content on many technical topics.


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