7 reasons why the .com domain is still the top domain

.Com Domain Name

Guest post By: Mobile App Developer Los Angeles Team

Why this domain is so valuable? And, more importantly, why the .com domain can defend its exceptional position among the domains even today so confidently?

  1. The .com domain is one of the oldest domains ever

The .com was already introduced on 01.01.1985. During this time, most of the contemporaries did not even know that there is anything like the Internet at all. This is now over 31 years ago, and from today’s point of view simply unimaginable.

  1. The .com domain is the most widely used domain in the world

Within the past 31 years well over 115 million domain names with the ending .com have been registered. The .com is thus the most frequently used top-level domain in the world – and by far.

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  1. The .com domain is one of the first generic domain extensions

Although the award was originally reserved for US companies, the.com domain is not a country-specific domain, .in, the country-specific domain translation for India, or .co.uk, for united kingdom, etc. The .com domain was from the beginning a generic domain, whereby .com as abbreviation for commerce or commercial.

  1. The .com domain is the most popular business domain worldwide

The rapidly growing number of registrations – whether in Asia, Europe, Africa or South America – has pushed the number of domain names with the ending .com to a three-digit million mark within a few years. Many companies, institutions, associations and self-employed – but also private individuals – run their website under a .com domain.

  1. The .com domain has an excellent reputation

While it is practically self-evident for globally operating companies to address their Internet presence via a .com domain, many small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers (eg creatives such as web designers, graphic designers, photographers or other service providers) also benefit from the high reputation that a .com domain has. Because a .com domain name implies for many Web users already by their ending that the relevant website must be a professional or business presence.

  1. The .com domain is the number 1 for the addressing of international web sites

When it comes to publishing an international (mostly English-language) version of their own website, one generally uses .com domains around the world. Provided the domain name is still available with a .com domain name. Which is due to the great popularity of com domain names ever more rarely.

  1. .com domain names have an exceptionally high sales value worldwide

Rare goods are highly traded. This market law applies particularly to .com domain names. A glance into the portals of domain traders shows: .com domains are above-average valuable and regularly achieve significantly higher prices at domain auctions. A good domain name with a .com domain name can also prove to be a worthwhile investment for you from this point of view.


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