The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing

Author Bio: Juana Steves is a Mobile App Developer working with Xicom Technologies Ltd– .

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is an exceptional way of reaching your target audience. However, the major concern for an app in the trending mobile app space today is the lack of exposure. It is true that no matter how good an app is, it cannot succeed without a marketing plan. The audience must know about the app before they can patronize it. With thousands of new apps popping up every day, it is the promotion of the app that can save it from getting lost in the crowd.


The primary reason why mobile app marketing is important is that the app is exposed to the entire world and it gets discoverable. An app needs to do more than to just “exist” on the App Store or the Play Store. Whether you are into iPhone application development or apps for android platform, app advertising will create awareness that will let people download it. Here we will discuss a few steps to squeeze out more from the app.

Before The App Launch…

  • Select A Suitable App Name

With thousands of similar apps on the stores, the right name can be a deciding factor for the success of your app. Follow these 4 principles to name your app:

  1. The app name should be a unique one
  2. It should be easy to remember
  3. It should feature the target keyword
  4. It should not offend any trademark

These simple pointers will let your app grab a unique identity on the store and encourage more people to download it.


  • Carefully Choose The Keywords

 Keywords matter a lot for the app to be a hit. The keyword you select should be crisp and precise to describe what the app is all about. It is the keywords that would be considered by your audience to decide the functions of the app before actually downloading it. Apple search engine Chomp showed that more than 80% of the users looked for the keyword than the name.

To keep the keywords selection process simple and bang-on, you can use App Store Optimization Tools (ASO )that gives you the relevant keywords to choose from. Consider these ASO tools to get some good keywords:

  • Appstatics
  • Straply
  • es
  • MobiledevHQ
  • MetricsCat
  • AppFigures
  • Distimo


  • Make An Exclusive App Icon

What is the first thing people notice about your app? Yes, it is the app icon. The app icon is the first impression and says pretty much everything about the app. The icon is the first interaction of your app with your users. Make your app icon alluring so that the visitors crave to download it and check out what is it all about.


To know the importance an app icon can make, you would be surprised to know that Apple does not approve the apps that have lame icons, irrespective of their capabilities. So, for iPhone application development, getting a tremendous icon is more important. The app icon should be relevant to the theme of the app and should be a unique one at the same time.

  • Take Radiant Screenshots

You would definitely want that once the visitor has landed on your app page, the next step is to hit the download button. Screenshots are the perfect way to express almost everything about the app content in the form of pictures.

Instead of putting up random screenshots, put the ones that are exciting and memorable. Once you are able to draw the attention of the visitors with these screenshots, they will get eager to experience the app as soon as possible.

Pro Tip: According to the download stats of App Store and Google Play Store, apps with maximum screenshots get more downloads than others. Apple allows 5 screenshots whereas you can add upto 8 for android app. So, it is better that you add as many screenshots as possible.

Post Launch Agendas…

Once the app has been launched and available to download, the next important step is the app marketing. Marketing the mobile app can be categorized into two classes:

  • Paid Marketing
  • Organic Marketing
  • Paid Marketing And Promotions

The first type of promotions, that can be beefed up with the organic marketing is the paid promotions and marketing. Here is how the money needs to be spent for the sure-shot app marketing.

  • Run Burst Promotion Campaigns

 One of the best ways to enable rapid downloads is by running paid ad campaigns. As soon as the burst ad campaign initiates, you will find a significant rise in the number of downloads. Once the users experience the app, they will rate and share it.

With the increase in the reviews and number of users, you can see your app featuring in the top charts. Once the rankings go stable, you can reduce the money spent for such campaigns.

  • Use Attribute Tracking Tools

The attribute tracking tools act as scout tools that will let you keep a check on the various ad campaigns you run. These tools will help you better realize exactly how many downloads were possible from a certain paid campaign. Check out these Attribute tracking tools for a profitable app promotion campaign:

  • Localytics
  • Apsfluer
  • Mobile App Tracking
  • Adx
  • APsalar
  • Kochava
  • Organic Marketing

 One way to market the app is to spend money for it. But not everyone can do it. So, to get maximum downloads for free, here is what you can do:

  • Encourage Users To Rate The App

Ranking of app depends on the ratings it gets from the users. Better reviews enables high ratings. 5-star ratings are the fuel to top the store charts. There are many neat ways to encourage the app users to rate the app. You can simply ask to rate the app from within while the users are using the app. It is all upto you to decide when to ask for ratings from the users.

You need to come up with unique ideas to get good ratings. For instance, in case of a gaming app, you can ask the users to rate the app to get bonus points.

  • Feature On App Review Sites

Do whatever it takes to enable your users to share the contents of your app with their friends. Make use of private social networks like Path, Everyme or Glassboard.

These features will allow the users to share pictures, game scores and much more within all your app users. The data is published on the official websites which can later be shared via Twitter or Facebook. People who are not yet users of the app can check out the amazing features of the app and get encouraged to download it.

  • Create An Amazing Landing Page

Creating a great web landing page is a great tool to convert visitors into app users. When a visitor searches the internet for your app, they should be linked to both your homepage and the detail page of the app.

The app detail page you get on the App Store or the Play Store has limitations. But you are free to do anything on your web page. Add demo, videos and pictures that are informative and convince the audience to download the app.



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