Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads – pros and cons

Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads

Guest post By: Clifford Gibson – A Google Adwords specialist and part time mobile app developer

Let’s look once the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms:

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Pros:

  • Superb measurement tool, which allows you to track the campaign easy
  • Great Buy potential at User: You can reach him if he would also like to buy
  • Complete control over the daily budget and maximum cost per click
  • Targeting options: regions, daytime, day and certain sites (using Display Network)
  • Various ways of advertising, including the Display Network, Search Network and Remarketing
  • Uses retargeting for those who already had an interest and thus convert more in revenue

Google Adwords cons:

  • Those who are not well versed with the settings and the administration, for the Google Adwords can be really expensive.
  • The construction and management of the ads can be very time consuming.
  • Limited space in the display (three lines of text)
  • If you do not use other forms of Google advertising, such as Google Shopping and YouTube advertising, you cannot use images or videos.
  • Depending on your industry, the cost per click (CPC) may be considerable, from a few Euros up to three-digit amounts.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Pros:

  • Campaigns are easy to follow
  • Complete control over the daily budget and maximum CPC
  • Advanced targeting options, including cities, regions, age, preferences / interests, income class and other demographic data
  • Easy to set up as a Google AdWords
  • You can use photos, which helps products and services to sell more.
  • CPC is relatively cheap, depending on the sector (in the double-digit cents amount)
  • Ads can be optimized for “Likes” Website clicks, conversions, etc.
  • With the help of “Lookalike Audiences” You can create target groups that match your buyer profile.

Facebook Ads cons:

  • Again, the setting has to be right, but potential losses are not as high as with Google.
  • Depending on the target audience, the majority of the large potential audience may be irrelevant.
  • There is no way to run your ads at certain times during the day or on certain days of the week
  • Reduced potential conversion rate, the fact that the people are eventually addressed early in the buying cycle.
  • The main argument against Facebook advertising is that it is not recommended for B2B companies.

Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads – Conclusion: Is a direct comparison possible?

To put it simply: no. Because it depends on which network is better suited for the campaign goal and the target group. Advice can be given only with difficulty in advance. This is where the saying: “Try before!”

So you should use both networks for your campaigns. Although clicks on Facebook a lot more favorable, they are yet to convert the more difficult. With a high customer lifetime value and the higher cost of Google are not a problem. Companies with a lower CLV could however ever have problems to tackle on the long run, the high cost per click.

Our suggestion: Start with the cheaper Facebook Traffic to if you have corresponding revenue generated to expand their campaign on AdWords.


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