Anyone who has dealt with Mobile apps marketing know that the good days are gone long, when the apps run all by themselves. Without Marketing you cannot take a single step in app world.

In this article you will find 18 methods for marketing an app. Why 18? Because I have fallen in 18th Certainly there are many more, give your imagination run wild.

The methods in this app marketing strategy are formally divided into mobile marketing, online marketing and offline marketing. The breakdown is inaccurate and the transition is smooth.

Mobile Marketing

For mobile marketing includes everything that has to do with app stores, App Apps and general industry.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

Most app downloads come about by searching the App Store. If your app is easy to find – you have many downloads. ASO is a way to improve your app search ability in app stores.


This means you should translate both the language of the app itself (menus, texts, etc.), as well as the descriptions in the store in different languages so that users from other countries can find your app easily. Start with the “greatest” languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, etc. Localization and strikes following optimizing meta descriptions can and improve our visibility of the app in the local stores around many times.

Featured App:

It is a great honor for each mobile app developer if his app comes under “Featured Apps” and appears on the App Store. But except honor there is of course a pure business aspect: it is an important lever when your app is listed under the main categories, in large countries as featured. You get a lot of downloads to pay even a cent without it. The downloads that you get in this way, improve the rankings of the App in appropriate categories and for specific keywords, so you get more organic Downloads.

App Review Blogs

There are numerous independent blogs, YouTube and other social media channels, which deal daily with the Apps issue. Also, almost all major digital magazines have a column on the news from the App World. You will find a long list of relevant blogs, magazines and websites via searching on Google.

Cross Promotion within other apps

As always and everywhere in the business world, it is of great benefit to network with other app publishers and negotiate deals. Especially helpful is if you agree so-called cross-promotion. ie. Your partner advertises in its application or in its app network and in return gets its advertising in your app, one payment per download or for the period, or just a “thank you”.

push Notifications

Push notifications are a very app-specific issue. This advertising technique is one of the most important advantages in mobile marketing in general and in particular Mobile App Marketing. Push Notifications will give you a great way to reactivate the passive user. but you must not overdo it with the Pushs, otherwise end up your app in the trash.

Online Marketing

Performance Marketing

Here the definition on Wikipedia – In other words, you register with a network, such as Facebook Ads or Admob, create a campaign, define a target audience, budget, format (CPC, CPA, etc.) and start for popularizing your app to pay money, there are many tips and tricks on how to optimize the performance marketing campaign, there are some good players in this field (at this point to say hello to us).

Social Media Channels

It has been written and talked much over the web and in our article. If your app to go viral, then there is no way to social media. About Social Media you can run campaign performance marketing, the reach “influencers”, supervise your own Fan Page or Group and popularize the people spamming, Forging alliances etc.

own website

A dedicated website for the app will not be enough by itself, but it will not hurt also. On the landing page of the website you can describe the app better than the App Store. When searching in the search engines for your app users often find your site and can be better informed. You can email collect addresses for newsletters and upcoming launch are etc.

Offline Marketing


The press can be a decisive factor. The shortest way to fame via a good television report, or at least an article in a major magazine. This app marketing strategy has made many unknown apps to the Stars. The best example of this – Lovoo app.

PR itself is nothing new, and I refrain at this point, to go too far into detail. In general: It helps if you have

  1. good relations with the press,
  2. can find the right contact person within the editorial (it’s relatively easy)
  3. may pitching your app on the phone well.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing more about your ingenuity. Whether it is the organizing of student parties (Tinder, read more here), or a game called Foursquare (what you just chalk and rubber balls need), organized in the city center by Foursqaure- there is enough Showcases.


A slightly more complex method in our App Marketing Guide. There are many benefits when issuing its own app at a trade show.

Press Kit and launch material

There is nothing wrong if you provide as part of your mobile app marketing strategy or app launches the necessary materials available to the press. These include icon, screenshots, logo, presentation. You can place the whole thing in the download section on your site. Do not forget also so kind to send these documents to the relevant editors as part of a PR campaign.

Black Hat

If ever anything does not work, then comes to some (by the way one says many well-known names) and Black Hat App Marketing strategy. If you have read this article, then you know what is important in the App Store Optimization: number of downloads and reviews. Now, these two factors you can “fake”. There is even a separate industry, with its own name – Shuabang whose hardworking staff are happy / interior available. But Try it at your own risk.

  1. Many actors are (as always in Black Hat area) rather dubious and do not give money back guarantee.
  2. If the App Stores notice your tricks, your Developer account simply blocked.



Anyone who has read our App Marketing Guide to the end, gets me a cup of coffee donated. Just write to and send just any project requests (kidding!).



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