7 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Guest Post By: Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur.

Make Money from Your Blog

Everyone wants money! To complete their needs and desires. Right?

If you are a blogger, so definitely you want to make money from it. Making money from blog– sounds easy, but it takes a lot of time and hard work. If you are writing a good blog, and getting an enough traffic then definitely you will earn more and more money.

Whether you are writing a blog on any business topic or any topic of your interests, your main motto is to increase your bank balance.

Through this article you will get to know some interesting tips and ways to make money from your blog.

Let`s get started!


Selling Ads is considered as the most common way to gain more money on the blog. Blogs which having ad sales attracts large amount of traffic which make a substantial income. The main reason many bloggers choose to sell advertising, because it lets them to increase more traffic and income. Though, it also requires time & effort to find appropriate ads which should be maintained on blog and which can make a reasonable amount of income. If we compared some other ways of gaining profit from blog, then selling ads would be on the top to earn more and more income. If you are having a great idea, that which ad slots should be filled in your blog, then imagine how much you can earn per month.

Before start selling the ads, there are some issues which you have to keep in mind. First, establish a proper traffic to get more interest of the users on blog. In starting, try to sell ad space without any traffic, it can be difficult and will not produce any revenue. Also, your blog will need to target a specific audience in order to get the maximum amount of money for the ad space. That`s sure, the advertises will definitely pay you more if your blog is a direct match with their target market.

Pay-per clicks (PPC) Ads:

Google`s AdSense, Of course is the most popular and common way of making more money by using Pay-per clicks. You just have to simply copy their code on your website to display the ads (text or banner ads). Even when someone clicks on those ads, you will get paid. These things could easily make a few dollars.

With the help of Google AdSense, you can easily put your blog in a specific category in which it will fit, but you can’t get the complete control over the ads which should displayed. Sometimes the visitors ignore these ads and never click on them. While, some website owners could be able to make good money with theses AdSense.

Shop-Sense is specifically used for fashion bloggers to display clothing, accessories and shoes, it enables the ads, widgets, layouts, images, captions or links from their site or application.

Affiliate Links/Programs:

Affiliate Links is the simple and easiest way to earn more income for bloggers. With the help of affiliate programs even a small blog, whose having less audience can make more money. But the worst part of affiliate program is that you also must have the potential to make more money or not.

Many new bloggers also prefer affiliate programs instead of direct selling the space to advertises. We all know, selling ads without traffic, won`t give you anything, thus affiliate programs is a natural fit for the new blogs. In fact, they are easy to maintain, and takes very less time.

Start selling your products:

Create a store page from where you can directly sell you products through website. Products can be sold only by maintaining a powerful blog which draws regular traffic and build credibility and also increase the exposure of products.
Aaron Wall`s SEO book is the best example for this, in which everything is described deeply. Download this e-book and surely you will get millions of ideas on how to increase the SEO of your blog. Aaron`s blog on SEO Book community will help you to produce more sales and earn more and more money.

Promote Services:

The providers for services is having a massive opportunity to make new clients and increase the rates of blogging. Making a blog which focuses only on the services which you provide will definitely make your website a brand and a recognized personality which helps in gaining more attentions. A successful blog will help the clients to find you, and improved your reputation which you have built and the incredible increase in the sales of your services.

The content should be Unique:

The most important part which attracts the user more towards your blog is the content, it should be unique and creative. Never do copy and paste from any other article. Share your own thoughts and views and spread the information. Might be, if you become a successful blogger then you can also charge for your best work.

SEOmoz, is one of the leading SEO Firms, they also sell the memberships on their website which includes the access of premium content. The members can use varieties of SEO tools which help them to optimize their own websites and even there is some more written material available. If you want to buy that premium content, then you have to lose your pockets.

Paid Writing:

In today`s market, there are large number of paid writing position are available. By using these opportunities, you will not be able to directly make money through your own blog, but it will allow you to make money because of your own blog. The writers who are having good experience can also make money by writing blogs for others.

At this time, you own blog can become a resume or portfolio for you own work.

The salary for writing the articles will vary, generally it depends on number of words and how many hours one is spending in writing an article. But the opportunity is good. In addition to the income, you will get some great exposure and networking opportunities by writing blog for others.

Hence, these are 7 successful ways to make money from your blog.


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