8 Website design Mistake Will Destroy your SEO

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All website owners face a tough situation regarding the User Experience (UX) and design or only on SEO. Sometimes, the rich-animated design adversely affects the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This is a common misconception that a brilliant looking website is sure to attract large number of visitors.

To attract more visitors your website, have to look fabulous and perform soundly in Search Engines.

Sometimes, web designers forget to use the SEO practices as it limits their scope for design.

Web designers can work along with the SEO Specialists to find the right balance which can meet the search engine conditions and users’ expectations.

Below I have listed out 8 Mistakes Done by Website Designers that will destroy the SEO process.

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Splash Pages-

Using Eye-catching splash screens is a good option, but it can create the barrier between the search engines and your website. Flash, Java Applets, and all the non-textual content is often ignored or devalued by the search engine spiders. A website homepage and navigation without the content is not accepted by the search engines because it causes an improper listing of the entire site.

It would be recommended that either you completely ignored the flash pages or involve them, add plenty of textual content in the page.

Lack of Breadcrumbs-

An expected created breadcrumb trail always shows a positive effect and increase the site`s performance on the search engines. Not only the text links easily read be the search engines, but they also provide a transparent hierarchical navigation structure.

Sometimes the web designers forget to use the breadcrumbs but actually they noticeably enhance the user friendliness of a website.



Still there are some website designers making a mistake by using the frames in website. The frames in website will not bring any help in the betterment of the site SEO.

Sometimes, using frames increase the difficulty of search engines in finding the valuable content of site. Remember that framed websites use three html files instead on one, which causes all kinds of clashes and indexation.

Too much use of Flash-

Undoubtedly appealing Flash to the eyes, is still badly indexed by search engines. A website uses a fixed amount of Flash but do not use it for vital navigation and content. Though HTML5 is a very SEO-friendly and its content is successfully crawled by Google.

Using Image instead of Useful Elements-

Images are the best thing which will be easily identified by the search engines without their functional purpose. Using only the text for navigation is not the proper way, the solution is to use test-over image techniques with CSS.

It is advisable not to include images in headers. Replacing content by beautiful graphics may look good, but it will not work for SEO. Remember the header is used to highlight the important keywords, choosing the images as an alternative will hurt the content overall.


The designers which begin with pop-ups not only destroy the look of website but also create a bad taste for visitors and search engines. Pop-ups are annoying and usually closed by the users the moment they appear. The users immediately moved out of the website if they are so many pop-ups and even search-engines don’t not consider them as the part of Website.

It is advisable to forget the pop-ups, it’s good for everyone`s sake.

Neglecting the Navigation Standards-

There are some designers who believe that creating a different site with no navigation elements on footer will attract the users more, and seem original and unique to everyone. This is not true. A proper navigation in website is essential for both the visitors and search engines.

Creative art, if not used properly, can be treated like bad internal linking structure and it is harming your rankings and reputation. A navigation bar must be present on each page; otherwise users might get losted within the website.

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Improper 404 Error Page-

Creating a custom 404 page is very necessary as it makes the user feel light and relaxed. This creativity might lead the user to neglect the more essential factors like the link to return to the website.

Doing this will not only improve the user experience but also better the SEO requirements. Broken internal links also reduces the search ranking of website.

All the above mentioned mistakes are the major mistake, and these are the mistakes showing their adverse effects only on SEO factors, after the completion on Website. SEO must be treated as an important part of the Website. If a designer is creating a brilliant website or a perfect artwork, and still can`t get searches, then it is ultimately worthless. Therefore, it is advisable to bring the design process early, an SEO specialist will definitely reduce the cost by helping you to get everything in first round.

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