5 Tips for Creating Killer Facebook Ads for Apps

As we have seen that many social networking platform, has mark their place in the advertising industry. But Facebook, still rule as monarch in term as of features, audience and competition. Facebook has used their money very nicely in marketing which help them to expand their business worldwide. This strategy has not been used effectively by other big brands and they had -just wasted their money. Hopefully, you are not one of them.

All it takes to understand that little knowledge which has used by Facebook in the advertising field, and what are the best practices.

Here I want to share 5 tips for creating the killers Facebook Ads for Apps:

Creating Effective Ad Images

-The image which you will use in Install Ad is the first expression which you left on customers, if it not that creative and good looking the people will directly pass to the other section. So you have one chance to capture the attention of people in the crowded place by making the image attractive.

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-Before adopting this, the first thing you should know the basic rules for creating the Facebook App Install Ad images.

-The recommended image size is 1024*628 pixel. Approx. 30% if the image contain text. Facebook is very strict to this, and will never approve your image. You can check this by Facebook Grid Tool.

-Images should not exploit sexually, political or other sensitive issues and should not be revealing, unnecessary showing the body parts.

I recommended you to read all the Facebook image guidelines.

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Let`s move to other steps.

  1. Tailor the image for your target audience

 The bad thing which you can do to your ad image by creating something generic which attempts to appeal to everyone.  But the truth is if you did this you’ll end up something which is not appealing to anyone.

Use that image which attract your customers and should be related to your post.

If you have a fitness app, then there are 2 ways in which you can attract your potential audience. Men who wants to get huge muscles and love to do body lifting, and 2nd for the ones who are ready for marathon.

You have to make that image which attract and reflect their interest and behavior

Even you can use a body builder in the gym or a running person for the marathon. See how these images affect the customers. This is smart advertising.

  1. Use an Image Style That Suits Your App

 If you look at the app install ads in your news feed, you will notice that different techniques and image style were used.Try to use an image which clearly able to showcase the meaning of your app. Time to make a note which includes.

  • General color schemes
  • Use of text
  • Whether the images, features, screenshots describing the details of an image.

For example,

 The ads of health & fitness apps often use the image of healthy people, the finance related apps use people, money and green color, and action games ads use custom images to show the characters of amazing graphics.

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  1. Make It Eye Catching, but Don’t Go Too Far

Surely you want to use light and bright colors to catch the eye when people scroll down through news feed. But remember do not go too far. Use extra bright, flashy colors can be a bad thing. Too much bright colors people will be notice as a part of advertising.

4. Create a Killer Ad Headline

 The headline of the ads summarizes the benefits of your app. When people download it they want to know what app is going to do, how it will make their life better? Just focus on these things while creating the ad copy.

To create the headline:

  • Think of the primary benefits of app and try to merge them in 4-5 words.
  • Avoid ambiguous statements like “Download now”. No one thinks like that “Should I download it now”? So don`t use these statements.
  • Use those words or phrases which your audience can use easily.


  1. Sum It All Up in the Body Text

Once the user has been attracted by your image and your headline, he/she will definitely show interest in app.  He will also read about the features and then move to download option.

Here are a few points to help you write great copy for the body of your Facebook app install ads:

  • There is a limit of 90 character, but this limit is not exist in Power Editor but I would suggest you to keep it short. The best apps will see in 2-3 short sentences.
  • Focus on more describing the features of apps.

In last I want to share an important tip which gives you benefit by testing the multiple different creatives in the campaigns. I would suggest you test at least 3 images and 2 different combination of copy it means 6 ads total. It will help you to create an ad which highly affects your target audience.

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