3 Common Reasons Why Your website Isn’t Ranking on Google


3 Common Reasons Why Your website Isn’t Ranking on Google

The traffic and ranking improvements can mean millions of dollars for a firm’s bottom lines’ revenues. At a time, ranking on the search was quite effortless. Just diffuse some relevant keywords in your Metadata and stuff some more keywords on your website, then simply submit your website to Google and eventually, you are on the first page of the search engine result page.

Well, gone were those days when these techniques were applied. Today, Google is becoming smarter day-by-day and with this phenomenal advancement, acquiring the rigid position on the very first page of the search engine page has become more stalwart as the days passed by. It is a difficult chore to get your site recognized, even if you are bestowing the valuable and exquisite services.

Search engine ranking is a precarious task to achieve in this hard-hitting world. And if you are an entrepreneur, then it will be the most devastating situation for you. Let, at a jiffy, your website has elevated to the top 10 search results, but the time you will analyze the whole scenario of website’s position, your ranking will downturn.

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3 customarily reasons why your website does not rank well

•You are a new bee in the market:

Thousands of websites are created daily in distinct parts of the world and undoubtedly the competition increases. If you are new on this landscape, then you have to wait some span, as the individual does not properly acknowledged by your services. There were millions of websites that have already placed their rigid and rigorous position on the search results. You have to make employ of all the requisite and vital strategies that will work out for your agency.
Other factors are also responsible, viz:

1. Lack of fame among the targeted audience
2. No adequate or quality content
3. Lack of the valuable links both inbound and outbound.
4. Your site is not indexed
5. Don’t have any track record

You are delivering the services that people are not looking for:

This is also a lucrative aspect related to the ranking of your website. Suppose, a visitor searches for the “Medical instruments”, then this term should be present in the searches. Then, Google will look out for the match between the term and the search query. Remember, Google will favor a site that encompasses the queried keyword. On the b-side, if the query is not matched, then Google, for sure, does not rank your website. So, always perform the audit after executing the SEO process.s

You didn’t execute the local SEO:

Local SEO is the straightforward entrance to the national SEO or even international SEO. If you do not perform the SEO procedure, in the harmony with the location, then Google does not recognize the geographically targeted keywords anymore.

Very First, create the content that is correspondent to your geographical location and then ensure about your online listings are consistent at all the places wherever probable.

Despite all the mentioned factors, many other parameters are responsible for your site hidden elements. Might be, you are inadvertently blocked Google from accessing your site. It may happen sometimes, so check your robots.txt file. Analyze all the parameters vigilantly, wipe out the predicaments and hurdles and make your website seen on the first page of Google. Dont worry we can help you out from this situation our team of expert know how to deal in this situation.


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