Importance of Mobile SEO: A new term in SEO field

Mobile SEO


Importance of Mobile SEO

With the upsurge of the “Mobilegeddon” from 21st April, 2015, each element has converted into the MOBILE. In fact, mobile usability is the key to success of your business. More than 58% Indians use the smartphones and tablets. The mobile era has almost overruled the internet era, and stepping up with the rabbit pace. The accessibility of the mobile is increasing day-by-day among the populace. More and more people perform their searches only and only via the mobile.

What is responsive website? How has the website become mobile-friendly? Responsive website is the website that is compatible with all sorts of platforms either the smartphones or the tablets. After the evolution of the mobile algorithm, the website having the optimal functionalities in synch with all the rostrums will rank more rather than the other websites. Actually, it is the ranking signal for the websites. A site has incorporated all the attributes of the mobile-friendliness, when it..

  • Displays the content well on the screen of the phone
  • Does not require zooming or pinching
  • Can be facilely readable on the small screens
  • Is easy to navigate with a finger.
  • Is properly understood by Google.

If you have the website compatible to all the platforms, then SEO or search engine optimization is equivalently a paramount approach, as it is actually your responsibility to cognize the world about your product. Mobile SEO is the mode to optimize your web pages for the mobile and how well the Google will comprehend your optimization solutions.

  • Redirects that work on mobiles: Make sure that your website will redirect to the correct URL. Browsing from the mobile and desktop is the two different aspects and you must sure that the client is getting the righteous URL redirection. Google had also stated that use of 301 redirects for the mobile. So, better to prefer 301 or 302 mobile redirects.


  • Optimize embedded videos and images: Avoid the use of heavy videos on your website. But still, if videos and images are required then choose according to its size. The important aspect is to assure that no component will rely on the Flash player. Better to use HTML5. Use a mobile emulator like the Opera Mobile Emulator to check how your web content is displayed and executed. Employing it, you can check your images, menus and videos too.


  • Optimize your content: Your content is identically significant as the images and the menus. Optimize it using the relevant and related keywords. The Google Keyword Tool is the facile mode to verify the mobile search volume.


  • Mobile-friendly Metatags: Your meta tags include the title and description and these are the two paramount elements that a visitor or customer perceives to get cognizant about the services or brand information. Make sure to optimize your meta tags according to the mobile ambiance. Compare the title, URLs and other snippets of the mobile from the desktop.


  • Place your eagle’s eye on the local search: According to the Google, 50% of the mobile searches are through the local epoch. So, don’t forget to optimize your websites at the local niche and use appropriate structured data markup wherever possible.


  • Test page load speed: 74% of the customers leave the website at the same jiffy when it takes more than 5 seconds to load the web page. It is one of the lucrative components of the mobile SEO, so extra focus on this facet. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insight tools to check your page load time. It auxiliary caters you recommendations how to improve your page load speed and time.


Mobile SEO is the innovative and reformed digital marketing solution that will surely boost your business on the online mobile zone. Technocrab solution Indian agency specialising in SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies that deliver industry-leading ROI. and website designing company in delhi.


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