Best PHP Framework 2015

Best PHP Framework 2015

Coding is a very cumbersome job. A single mistake may waste efforts made for  hours.Its most boring and tiring job and at times engineers leave their jobs and move to testing or analyst part. But yes the use frameworks have really made this job easy and entertaining.

Framework is galore of programs, softwares and element that helps coder in implementing codes easily and quickly. So here we will be taking a overview of few framework that are really in demand.

 Fuel PHP: It’s very simple and moldable MVC. Even fresher can try their hand on it, with very little induction by their senior.


Cake PHP: It is simple, quick and require minimum coding therefore it is considered great station for          building web application. Its feature

  1. Neat and clean MVC
  2. Highly secure
  3. Quick

Flight PHP : Its another framework which brisk and effortless

Symfony: Symfony is one more prominent PHP framework that comfort developers to create websites with set if PHP components such as phpBB, eZ Publish and Drupal


Yii framework: Yii Framework is the quick,protected and qualified frameworks for PHP developers. Its is secure too. Below are its attributes

  1. It has input validation
  2. Output filtering
  3. SQL injection,
  4. Specially designed to work efficiently with AJAX

Laravel:  It is build to give comipition to symfony or once can say its better than symphony below are its feature

  1. Native PHP
  2. RESRfuk routing
  3. Highly tested and reliable

Zend:  Zend is second very famous  PHP framework for present- day and high operating  web applications.


 Codeigniter: Its for developer who wish to create full featured website with help simpe and elegant toolkits.

Besides these there are few others

  1. PhalconPHP
  2. PopPHP
  3. PHPixie
  4. Agavi
  5. Nette
  6. Simple MVC Framework

Its difficult to say which is best among these. All these framework have their own worth. It completely depends upon the project requirement which will be the best framework of web application. It even depends upon the skill set of the developer.

php is best option for make career in IT field and in web development. to



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