Basic Rules for Creating High Quality Content That Generates LOADS of Links in 2015

High Quality Content
High Quality Content

Basic Rules for Creating High Quality Content That Generates LOADS of Links in 2015.

Graphics speaks volumes when compared to, written content.But if you are looking for links than definitely your content plays an important role. It will also force people to revisit the content again and again.


So here are the tips on creating quality and great content.

  1. Pick a distinct or subject for writing : You may find 80 million blogs on Topic like politics,sports and parenting. But these are very generic topic and can never help you in achieving client engagement. Topics like gardening, cooking, knitting can bring you more visitors
  1. Prepare script before writing: Make sure that your content and subject be correlated. The Reader should not find it ambiguous.Also make it clear how you will start, what will be way of writing, will it sarcasm or full of examples. How to end it.
  1. Posting every day is not necessary: It’s nowhere prescribed by DR.Google that one should do a blog posting on a regular basis, else you will start finding it boring and your content will loose creativity.


  1. Create fresh content: Stop doing a copy paste google and people are smart. So keep it fresh.Else sooner or later you will be penalized by Google.
  1. Keep it short and silly: Nobody has time to read big and boring pages. So keep your content short, humorous and entertaining.People enjoy witty lines and they also share them, which your content is serving your purpose by increasing its reach.
  1. Be accurate while sharing information: We all know,the internet is about gossips and rumors, So if your information is not accurate sooner or later people will start realizing that your information is bogus and you may lose your reputation.
  1. Try to connect to readers: Try to create a content which readers believe you are someone like and who care about you. This will surely increase revisit.
  1. Use your comment to engage and continue the discussion. Or you leave them with a few questions so they may start with discussion themselves.
  1. If you are new, use other blogs for inspiration. Yes, there number reputed blogging sites available from where you can do research for your content and can improve your writing skills.

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