The SEO Technique You MUST Stop in 2015

The SEO Technique You MUST Stop in 2015

Stop Words to avoid for seo (1)


Being SEO company in delhi we keep getting calls saying “ Hello, my site has been hit by penguin/ Panda, I am ready to pay good money if you can take my website out of this problem”. So we are sharing a few tips which keep you away from this kind condition.

Article submission: Stop wasting a time in writing articles and then waiting for their submission to get a few links. It’s not the quickest way to get the links. Its better to invest the time in link building and guest blogging.

No news in the press release: At times, companies simply post the blogs under press release section. So we request you to make your press release newsworthy.

Reciprocal links: This technique is good, but now Google has also become smarter. So if you are  using this technique to get links. Stop doing it else in sooner or later google will going to get hold of you.

Thin content: If you believe copied and less content can help in getting good position you are wrong. It’s proven fact that good content leads to good links. Even google keeps good monitoring of the content and also penalize the website if it’s not as per the guidelines of google.

Ignoring social media: Please change your perception that social platforms are not the right place to promote your product. But please remember we are human being is a social animal. So everyone who is using internet loves to be the part of social networking sites and promoting product and services on these platforms can bring a lot and lot attention of your target audience.

Ignoring design: Your web design plays an important role in boosting your website ranking. If graphical representation of a website is not good. We can guarantee you that even if you bring traffic to your site , your bounce rate will going to increase. As this the age of smartphones so maximum sharing, tweeting and browsing takes place on smartphones only.

Focusing on google only: Besides google there are other search engines which people use. So make your website better for them too. Because you may get traffic from these search engines too.


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