The Evolution of SEO ( 1998 to Present time)

The Evolution of SEO


I am on urge of completing my SEO training during the training I got a chance to write various blogs for SEO. But it was always in my mind to share the complete history of SEO with everyone from beginning to end. Finally, here is the “evolution of SEO” for clarity, I have divided SEO into various period like

  • Prehistoric period (1998-2004)
  • Antiquity period (2004-2006)
  • Middle period (2006-2009)
  • Revival period (2010)
  • Modern age (2011)
  • Present time
  • Future

Prehistoric period (1998-2004): I will mention everything points so that it will take less time to recall.

  1. In early age, it uses to take months for major google index.
  2. Google detected cross linking, therefore SEO experts of that time introduced new techniques like page titles, navigational structure and link content to boost ranking.
  3. Things like proxy server, ranking backup history and automatic data gather were discovered in this age only.

Antiquity period (2004-2006): This time period made seo experts realized that search engine lords can anytime change their algorithm whenever they wanted.

  1. It was discovered high, stuffed meta tags, hidden tags ,invisible text, stuffed meta tags and keyword density could no longer be used as they could be used to make lord happy.
  2. Terms like canonical issues, outbound backlink relevancy and inbound backlinks.
  3. Anyone found with spam activities was penalized badly.
  4. This era gave birth to principle “ Searchers are very important , no more playing with the results”

Middle period (2006-2009): In this time period SEO companies decided to take destiny in their hand.

  1. Pattern of SERP changed (Like including news,images etc)
  2. Social signs were also included in SERP
  3. Wizards came into existence supporting SEO experts in finding most commonly searched topics.
  4. Keyword research gave birth to Page rank and Alexa rank.


Revival Period (2010): In this age few more things came into fashion like

  1. Place field on side bar.
  2. This was the era of White Hat SEO

Modern Period(2011): Below are the discoveries of this era

  1. It was noticed social websites play an important role in ranking.
  2. Importance of landing page optimization was realized.
  3. Google launched two big things G+ and [+1] button.
  4. It was realized that websites should be optimized for visitors not search engines.

Present time: This era is more about content marketing if you create fresh and related content with the proper use of keyword no can stop you from ranking.


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